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The Right Ad to the Right Household at the Right Time

Engage audiences across DISH and Sling TV with targeted solutions that transcend viewing habits, platforms, and devices.

  1. Cross-Platform Reach
  2. Data-Driven Targeting
  3. In-depth Measurement
  4. Transparent Attribution
TV and mobile devices featuring DISH and SlingTV programming

How It Works

  1. Lock in your target
  2. Leverage 1st- and 3rd-party data
  3. Serve your message to relevant households
  4. Achieve robust measurement

Advanced Targeting

Leverage our advanced targeting capabilities to reach your exact audience across DISH and Sling TV.

  • Household Demographics
  • Tune-in Models
  • 3rd-party Purchase Data
  • Customer List Matches
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Access robust post-campaign reporting.

Impressions by hour
+ day of week

Cumulative reach
and frequency

Reach and
delivery metrics

Campaign, network,
device, and stream

Conversion rates

Custom ROI

Sales lift

Survey data

Data Partners

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Addressable Guidebook

A complete guide to our advanced addressable advertising platform.

Addressable Wins

See how leading brands have honed in to their audiences by leveraging our addressable advertising solutions.

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Direct Response Win

Find out how Diray Media, a leading Direct Response agency, utilized addressable targeting alongside their traditional media mix to drive retail sales during the holiday season.

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Discover how a large automotive manufacturer used addressable to drive sales within its specific target and accrue nearly 26x their investment.

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Discover how a national bank leveraged addressable to boost adoption of credit cards within a niche audience of innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Discover how a national consumer packaged goods brand used addressable to drive sales within their specific target and accrue sales 3x their investment.