Leverage household-level targeting on a national scale.



Capture highly engaged audiences with impression-based advertising.


  • National reach
  • Customizable targeting
  • Dynamically served ads
  • Advanced attribution

How Addressable Television Works

Define & Segment

Identify your target audience and campaign objectives.

Deliver Media

Reach only your target households, ensuring your campaign’s efficiency.

Addressable Ads

Ads will only air when your target is watching, meaning zero wasted impressions.

Measure & Optimize

Use campaign results to make your future campaigns perform even better.

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Custom Targeting

Addressable Benefits

  • National reach across 110+ linear and OTT networks
  • Dynamically served ads that are only delivered when devices are on
  • 1:1 household targeting
  • Transparent attribution
  • Reach + frequency management
measurement and attribution

Measurement & Attribution

See the true impact of your campaign with robust analytics.

  • Sales matchback
  • Website traffic
  • Location visitation
  • Brand awareness study
  • Application study
  • A/B testing
  • Tune-in conversions
  • Custom reporting
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Extended Reach


Addressable should be a part of everyone’s core video mix. Reach Booster just made it a lot easier.

success stories

Addressable Success Stories

Our next big success story is you.

Make a Real Impression

Reach traditional and OTT audiences all from one place.