The Transformation of Television:

Embracing the Era
of Addressable TV

Inside the seismic shift to audience-based video advertising.

Addressable TV is no longer a future vision, it is a modern necessity for every brand's media strategy.

Nine industry leading partners commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine media buyers' knowledge and perception of Addressable TV


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Embracing the Era of Addressable TV on May 11th. Forrester's lead analyst Joanna O'Connell joins DISH Media's Kevin Arrix to discuss practical solutions to industry concerns about Addressable TV.

Participating Partners

This study was conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of a cross-industry collaboration of leaders in the addressable TV space.

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A Must-Read Study

Television is still a powerful medium providing massive reach, but the Future of TV is more diverse with new opportunities for marketers. Addressable TV offers advertisers scale plus enhanced data targeting capabilities, giving them more control over audience reach and frequency.

Download the new study to learn more about addressable TV and helpful ways to integrate it into your media mix.

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Brands need to be willing to step out of their box or comfort zone...The world has changed and we need to address the consumer across several channels and budgets. It also falls on [brands] to get educated and understand how investment leads to value.

- Media Director, Major Global Agency

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Addressable TV by the Numbers

Who was surveyed:


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C-level Exec | 14%

Vice President | 24%

Director | 30%

Manager | 32%



are currently investing or plan to invest in addressable TV

What they said:


of media decision makers are prioritizing emerging channels like addressable in 2021

Top 3 Objectives
When Using Addressable TV:

Targeting | 52%

Accountability | 47%

Scale | 44%


of media buyers say that having a better understanding of addressable TV would make them more likely to increase their addressable budget

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For us the fundamental value of addressable is the targetability plus the ability to measure success and conversion.

- Media Planning Executive, National Brand

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Press Release

In an exciting new research initiative, nine companies from across the TV advertising industry commissioned a new study from Forrester Consulting to explore the challenges and understanding of addressable in the marketplace. Read the full press release here.

Beet.TV Video Series

Beet.TV Video Series

Beet.TV sits down with the participating companies to delve into their reactions to the new study The Transformation of Television: Embracing the Era of Addressable TV.

Ad Age Ebook

Ad Age Ebook

In the next phase of this research initiative, experts from across the TV space discuss needs and solutions for media buyers in the current addressable ecosystem. This new Addressable guidebook tackles common roadblocks and provides a sell-side analysis of our recent research study.

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